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Membership of Hunters Garden Association in the early 1800's.

This photo appeared on the front page of Long Island Forum in October, 1942 as a contest.  The individual who could identify the most people in the picture won a 5 year subscription of the magazine.  The winner was Roswell B. Tuthill of East Moriches.  He identified 28 members.  Mr. Turhill's list was as follows:  John Carter, G. W. Raynor, Septer Luce, Frank Benjamin, Gilbert Rogers, Elias Tuttle, Louis Tuttle, George Winters, Moses Edwards, George W. Tuthill, Erastus Raynor, Eckford Robinson, Charles Edwards, George Buckingham, Jahiel Phillips, J. V. Raynor, George Davis, William Carter, Herbert Carter, W. M. Edwards, A. Brewster Tuttle, Allen Warner, Charles Warner, Harry T. Ketcham, Ethaniel Howell, Frank Tuttle, R. P. Howell and John Edwards.  Additionally, the Rev. John H. Tuttle recognized Capt. Mott, Charles Rogers, Roswell Tuthill, George Harris, John Edward Corwin, Wells Luce, Herb Reeves, Jack Burgess, George C. Tuttle and Tuttle Ketcham.  Strangely enough, Mrs. Valentine gave none of the names submitted by the others.  Her list was as follows:  Nathaniel Miller, John Will Reeve, William Swezey, Edward Terry, Edwin Balley Sr., Addison Bumstead, Eugene Lane, Addison Wells and Edwin Bailey Jr.  Excluding Mrs. Valentine's list, which may or may not be accurate, all the other names are "local" and recognizable.

1800's.  Judging from the number of people and number of pots.

Hunters Garden in the 1800's.

Hunters Garden in the 1800's.

This photo was taken in the Spring of 1884.  Standing between the "Indians", with the large hats, is Wells Tuttle.  He is proudly wearing his silver pin awarded to him for being the oldest member and also serving as the Association President for 50 years.  See 50 year pin.  At the award ceremony, as reported by The Riverhead News and dated March 3, 1884 was the following account (click here).  We are indebted to Mr. H. C. Moore of Riverhead, an amateur short-hand student who took down in short hand Judge Young's address, for practice.  His document is our proof that the Hunters Garden Association formally started, with an elected President, in 1833.

Photo taken in Oct. 1887.  The quality of some of these photo's are poor and great lengths have been taken to digitize and enhance the quality.  If you have any photo's you wish to share, please contact me at Don Michne 177 Echo Ave. Miller Place, N.Y. 11764.  With your permission I can post them on this web site.  All photo's sent to me will be returned.  You may also contact me at dpmichne@optonline.net .

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